Specialist Interventions

Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol ©

The Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol® has proven to be effective for children with sensory processing difficulties in better regulating their sensory systems, most especially in reducing tactile and oral defensiveness.

The Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol uses a specialised brush to apply de-sensitizing and calming deep pressure stimulation to the skin – which activates the release of calming and organising endorphins in the body. This process is completed with the application of proprioceptive sensory input to the body through the use of gentle ‘joint compressions’. For children with oral defensiveness there is a further element of the protocol that involves the application of de-sensitizing input to the mouth.

Like the Therapeutic Listening programme, this deep pressure technique needs to be taught to all those who would be applying it, and its implementation must be overseen and monitored by an OT trained in the Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol.  It is also an intensive programme, initially needing to be implemented for 3-6 months. To maximise its effectiveness, it requires the commitment of everyone working with and supporting the child - as each (2-3 minute) ‘brushing’ session needs to be completed regularly throughout the day.

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