Intervention, advice and recommended strategies will be guided by the findings and information gathered from an assessment.

Depending on the child’s particular identified needs, therapy can be delivered through a combination of:-

  • Direct intervention sessions with the treating therapist
  • Non-direct therapy sessions led by school staff and/or parents delivering a specific programme recommended or devised, monitored and reviewed by the therapist
  • individual or small group sessions
  • intensive blocks of treatment , with periods in between for on-going practice and the consolidation of skills, or over a longer period.
  • sessions at school or nursery, at home, and/or in clinic

To ensure the best outcome for every child we actively support and facilitate a collaborative approach. When appropriate, we may make recommendations for further specialist assessment, liaison or joint working with a Speech and Language Therapist, Physiotherapist or other relevant specialist(s). This may be with our affiliated colleagues, or for example, with other (NHS or independent) professionals already working with your child.

Treatment goals will be discussed, devised and agreed (by all) so as to monitor progress and evaluate the outcome of the child’s therapy intervention.

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