To ascertain what is impacting on a child’s functional performance our skilled therapists can undertake an extensive assessment and evaluation of a child’s:-

  • fine motor skills
  • gross motor skills
  • motor coordination, motor planning and sequencing
  • visual-motor and perceptual-motor skills
  • visual perception skills
  • handwriting skills
  • sensory development, integration and processing


As part of our assessment, where relevant, we will also consider a child’s:-

  • upper limb function and splinting needs
  • self care and independence skills
  • feeding and eating tolerance
  • peer relationships and play skills
  • Emotional adjustment and self-esteem
  • school-related functioning
  • equipment needs
  • alternative recording and Assistive Technology (AT) needs


To gain a comprehensive picture of a child’s difficulties and needs we also gather information from observations of them during the assessment and, when appropriate, in other settings (such as in school or nursery) and from parent/carer and teacher questionnaires.

Following the completion of an assessment, feedback is provided and a detailed report (with recommendations) written. Reports can, for example, be used to assist in the wider gathering of evidence to inform a diagnosis, or provide essential information for a child’s Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP).


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