“My fingers now have brains, since I began using my Clever Fingers box”

                                                       Matthew, age 8



Pupils (and teaching staff) love Clever Fingers!

A fun and highly-motivating strategy devised for schools to help pupils with fine motor difficulties.


The Clever Fingers Resource Pack comprises of an on-line Web App with accompanying book.

It provides:-

  • Ideas and supporting resources for over 60 activities suitable for the classroom
  • Hints and tips, and extensive guidance on individualization to support differentiation and inclusion practices.
  • The means to produce individualised Activity Selection Cards for pupils to use with Clever Fingers activities.


The Clever Fingers Resource pack also includes:-

  • The means to identify potential underlying reasons for pupils’ poor fine motor skills.
  •  Guidance on how to appropriately address the difficulties, through the use of a Clever Fingers Box.
  • The tools to assess and monitor pupils’ progress
  • An overview of the essential components of fine motor skills


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