‘Clever Fingers’ and Developing Fine Motor Skills


Aim of the Training:

To develop a greater understanding of fine motor skill development and competency


To raise awareness of the ‘Clever Fingers’ strategy and how to implement this fine motor skills resource in school.


Workshop Content:

This half-day training will introduce you to the building blocks of fine motor skill development, as well as, ‘Clever Fingers’ and how it all works. 


Do you work with pupils that have:-

• Poor Handwriting?

• Poor Scissor Skills?

• Poor Motor Co-ordination?

• Dyspraxia?

• DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder)?

• Poor Fine Motor Skills?

• Poor Independence Skills?


Then Clever Fingers is for you!  


It is a fun and highly-motivating activity-based strategy devised for schools to help pupils of all ages with fine motor difficulties.


Clever Fingers is a ‘Best Practice’ strategy for SEN pupils and is supported by Specialist Teaching and Inclusion Services. As a Resource Pack it comprises of an Interactive Web-based Application (Web App) with an accompanying book which provides:-


• Ideas and supporting resources for over 60 different types of activities suitable for the classroom - with hints and tips, and extensive guidance on individualization to support differentiation and inclusion practices.

• The means to identify potential underlying reasons for a pupil's poor fine motor skills

• Guidance on how to appropriately address these difficulties, through the use of a Clever Fingers Activity Box

• The means to produce individualised Activity Selection Cards for pupils to use with a Clever Fingers  Box

• The tools to assess and monitor pupils' progress

• An overview of the essential components of fine motor skills


This training, delivered by Occupational Therapist and Clever Fingers author Karen Al Khina, will provide you with practical hands-on opportunities to try out the Resource Pack and create your own ideas for a Clever Fingers Box and activities.


Target Audience:

Suitable for SENCos, teachers, TAs, support/advisory services and parents 


For further information about Clever Fingers visit www.cleverfingers.co.uk

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